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Why sustainable brands?

Making products and services work in coordination with the present and the future. In the words of Sir Russell Brand, to them—in the way they choose to do it.

"The only systems we are able to employ are those that rationally serve the planet first, then all humanity.”

Let’s take a look at the outcomes of responsible brands, on the positive aspects of making sound decisions that affect the now as much as much as they affect the future. Only a few, as we all know, play it fair. The reason being a calling to make an impact over the existing world towards the betterment of all.
Oh wait! It becomes too much of idealism at just one place. Go ahead!
There have been a lot many brands who have made their mark in the industry as well as on the world. For them, it mattered more to have a lasting vision through which they practiced and proved that bottom lines can be achieved while keeping it fair and transparent and by delivering value. Here are a few points for you to ponder as you go ahead in exploring why sustainable brands matter:

A vision with a cause

When brands are integrated into one good way of doing things to achieve an objective in the good faith of all concerned. These values make the foundation and they drive every action leading the whole pack to the objective.

Towards a fair territory

In this biased world, sustainable products or services ensure everything is in consideration with the surrounding environment. Right from conceptualizing the idea of a brand to its actions on the ground. An open environment, where none gets suffocated while everyone has the right to put their best foot forward.

Forming a pool of blue oceans

When the competition is no more a problem. The companies and startups make their brands with reference to the overall benefits of a product or a service. It differentiates them from the rest of the market. A pool of such sorts help create a niche segment for themselves which always keeps the product or service safe in the market until it stops to innovate.

Encouraging others to move ahead

Well, such brands who make efforts to deliver value to their users and consumers are offering an opportunity to others to innovate and to create. They truly fill the gap and make it easier for consumers to choose over a dozens of others available on the shelf and lead by example thereby influencing the upcoming market and its drivers.

Responsible Undertakings

When the beginning is of organic nature then the impact is mostly to the benefits of all linked or not linked. There could not be one single step which doesn’t affect the overall happenings in the world around us. Just making sure that the efforts are in the right direction every time would definitely ensure a better brand building for a better future.

More transparent and accessible

When the intensions are clear and the paths are set, all the brands have to do is to walk with courage and integrity to make it happen. For such brands who stay fair on their behalf are confident, they stand tall with their right imagery and gain respect from their peers as well.

Open for those with skills, talents and capabilities

There is no limitation for the right vision and quality. If your product or service is needed by the consumers / users, with the right mix of usability, design, touch, feel and experience you can make it perform to its efficiency. And post that an effective communication to make your brand pop in the minds of your users / consumers. Creating the right identity.

Authentic, original products and services

While you give your brand a strong identity backed by equally strong values it creates a separate space. An absolute personality that gains trust of your consumers for longer duration till you keep your innovation mode on to keep your products and services adaptable in the ever evolving market.

Equally contributes to urban and rural development

A sustainable business works in collaboration with the people and places irrespective of it being rural or urban environment. Such brands have been collaborating with the locals to create a healthy atmosphere as well as they come up with better options to support the end consumers.

Technologies for long run

Major power consumer is the technology used in the industries to make the production go well. Such technologies if they stay healthy and work for the betterment environment they may enhance the complete eco-system. Hence the need for better technologies which are lasting in nature, doesn’t change very often and innovates with time for better performance in the long run.

Happy customers, market and business

Once you are able to use your brand to create a circle of influence through your products and services, there becomes a chain of satisfied consumers of competent products / services that raises standards of the industry. It’s the biggest Corporate Social Responsibility one brand could actually deliver. Raising content through value.
Turtle Labs is a creative design agency based at Nagpur, India serving sustainable brands across the globe and having presence in UK, Germany, Turkey, UAE and Australia. With a young team of enthusiastic designers, writers, developers, motion artists, and digital marketers we are poised to back brands with a long lasting vision to let businesses and environments flourish simultaneously. For more information, write to us on info@turtlelabs.co.in.